Find out average rents using our 'Heat Map' tool


The Heat Map tool shows your search results plotted on a graphic scale, so it’s easier than ever to understand average rent prices in your city, and measure the market relative to what you’re specifically looking for. It's located just above the city map when you search.

It’s calculated according to the four main search questions; how many bedrooms you want, whether you want a whole property or just a single room, the type of property, and when you want to move in.


If you search for a 5-bedroom shared house, with rent inclusive of bills, available now, and you want the whole property, the search results will show you everything that’s available. The handy part is, the Heat Map shows you the full range of prices from low to high, so you know where the property you’re looking at sits on the spectrum, as well as the average price for this kind of property.

The Heat Map is updated live when you search, so the information coming through is as up-to-date as possible.

We hope this will be effective for gauging the private rental market in Nottingham, Bradford and Leeds, so that students can make more informed choices when house hunting. Have a look at the Heat Map when you search for accommodation.

If you have any questions, contact George Bradley or Andrew Livesey.