House hunting 2017 - The story so far


House Hunting Launch

With over 3,500 students given an early access invitation to view the Unipol website on 20th January 2017, the site saw 29,996 adverts viewed from 6,225 property searches.  This activity continued into the official launch date with a further 9,720 property searches conducted and 34,260 adverts viewed. The first four days of house hunting saw 30,151 property searches and 134,453 advert views.

The story so far

Up to 6th May 2017, there have been 495,294 advert views compared to 504,767 in 2016 and 512,107 in 2015. Between the launch of house hunting and the 6th May 2017, there have been 69,020 sessions with 37,580 unique users.  

As can be seen by the usage of the website House Hunting 2017 has started strongly with with almost 500,000 advert views and 70,000 sessions. Activity is currently strong and this is expected to continue through May and into June with many returners looking to secure accommodation before July 2017. 

The best selection of quality student homes available

Unipol has the largest number of accredited bed spaces in one place for the students of Leeds.  Compare all types of properties in different areas and shortlist your favourites from the comfort of your sofa - our website is fully compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptop and desktops.  

For all the best tips and to start your search just hit the button below.  Good Luck!

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The Unipol Code in Numbers

  • 308 members
  • 7 agents are Supporters
  • 3,400 properties and 13,640 bed spaces are covered by the Code
  • 85 inspections have taken place so far in 2017
  • In 2016, there were 10 formal complaints and 175 enquiries (advice and support given prior to a formal complaint being made)
  • 9 of the formal complaints were resolved and one was referred to the Tribunal
  • 18 enquiries and 1 formal complaint has been received to date in 2017

Advertising with Unipol

Increasing numbers of students are using Unipol every year leading to record numbers of searches and property viewings. Unipol are a unique student housing charity, established in 1975, passionate about helping students find the best housing. We have long established relationships with the universities, their student unions and a number of Colleges around Leeds including the Leeds College of Art, the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds City College and Leeds College of Music.

In practice this means that students are actively reccommended to use Unipol above all others to secure their accommodation and all of our publicity is welcome on campus and in student halls.

There has never been a better time to advertise with Unipol.

Information on advertising with Unipol