Recent Suspensions from the Nottingham Code


Student Living and Rent in Notts Suspended from Unipol Code Supporter Scheme

Following a recent review of their progress towards accrediting their student properties, Student Living and Rent in Notts have been suspended from the Unipol Code Supporter scheme. Unipol Code Supporters are managing agents with at least 25% of their managed student portfolio accredited, and targets are set every six months to increase the number of their accredited properties. Both agents failed to meet the targets set for them to achieve by 31st October 2014 and as such were suspended until the targets are met.

Mr Ed Silva of Omega Property Management Suspended from the Code

Mr Silva applied for membership of the Code in January 2012 and an inspection of one of his properties was carried out. Works were identified at the property, which the landlord confirmed had been completed in November 2012. However the re-visit was cancelled by the landlord, who requested to withdraw his application for membership of the Code. The matter was referred to the Fast Track Tribunal, which confirmed that Mr Silva should be suspended from the Code. Re-admittance would be granted following a new membership application, and subsequent verification by Unipol that the property does meet the standards of the Code.

Further information can be found here

Ajit Singh Suspended from the Code

In October 2011 Unipol inspected one of Mr Singh's properties and produced a list of works to be completed in order for the property to comply with the Code. The works were not completed within the timescales identified, although several extensions were granted. As such the matter was referred to the Fast Track Tribunal of the 22nd March 2013, which took a decision to suspend Mr Singh from the Code until all outstanding works are completed and the property has been re-visited and verified by Unipol.

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Wishvinder Mehan Suspended from the Code

Following a complaint from some former tenants of Mr Wishvinder Mehan, which was referred to the Fast Track Tribunal, Mr Mehan has been suspended from the Unipol Code and from advertising on the Unipol website for a period of 12 months.

For further information about the complaint and the decision of the Tribunal, please click here