Recruitment in Higher Education and its Impact on Student Accommodation Demand










As the marketisation of higher education continues it is increasingly important to know how both undergraduate and postgraduate intake is affecting different institutions and what the trends are.

Each year Unipol undertakes an internal piece of work looking at the UCAS and HESA figures, together with other information we have about supply and demand for student accommodation  and the different residence patterns within different types of institutions.

This year, I have been surprised that the analysis of what data is out there has been relatively poor and piecemeal (some may say over-selectively reported) and I have put together a morning Briefing which will try and give a factual resume of what is happening in the sector and its impact on the student residential estate.

This has been organised on Monday 14th May 2018 in London. Each delegate at the Briefing will get a copy of our Report.

I have invited two commentators to speak before and after the factual section of the Briefing and I am delighted that Nick Hillman has agreed to lead off, probably the best informed commentator on the higher education scene (and Director of the Higher Education Policy Institute) followed by Jacqui Daly from Savills who many of you will know from her extensive research in this area. The morning is being tied together by Paddy Jackman (who again many of you will know from his chairing of the Property Investor conference last November).

So, from 9.35am to 12.40pm - some three hours, we plan to give you the unvarnished truth about what is happening, free of hype and unsound speculation. It could be three hours well spent - if you really want to know what is happening.

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Martin Blakey, Chief Executive