The Leeds Rental Standard


The Leeds Rental Standard

The Leeds Rental Standard is a new accreditation mark, unique to Leeds and supported by Leeds City Council. The Leeds Rental Standard brings unity to accreditation in the city by incorporating the following existing schemes under one certification mark:  

- Unipol Student Homes
-  Unipol ANUK National Code
- Residential Landlord Association (RLA)
- National Landlord Association (NLA)

The scheme does NOT replace the current accreditation schemes operating in Leeds - the schemes involved are dual badged with the Leeds Rental Standard badge and the dedicated badge for the scheme of membership. Landlords who are already accredited through the above schemes will be able to use the Leeds Rental Standard badging once the launch has taken place. 

What are the benefits?

Being a member of The Leeds Rental Standard Scheme has the following benefits for owners:

discount on Licensing Schemes NOTE: We are looking at setting a condition on any licence that will insist that LRS membership is maintained throughout the licence period otherwise the discount becomes fully re-payable and the landlord will not be eligible for any future discounts.
•Landlords to be self-regulating and have the opportunity to resolve any tenant complaints through the scheme without Council involvement
•Access to Council Housing Officers (EHO's) for
advice and guidance
Access to the Private Tenant Letting Scheme (PSLS) - members of LRS will have the opportunity to work with the Council who will find them tenants and provide them the support to maintain the tenancies
Advertising - able to advertise properties in "Leeds Homes"
No tipping charges - Tenant generated waste can be disposed of at certain civic amenity sites free of charge upon proof of LRS membership
Business Parking Permits - ability to apply for a permit for residential parking zones to allow landlords who need regular access to the zone to park  

What’s in it for the Tenant? 

  • A robust complaints system which can provide the tenant with a resolution to their housing problems.
  • identifies good landlords to tenants
  • Gives the prospective tenant confidence that the property they are thinking of renting is of a good standard and is properly managed and regulated.
  • Gives general consumer protection. all tenants and members have a right to access the complaints and independent Tribunal system, if serious disputes cannot be informally resolved