The Codes: for better student housing

Unipol runs a number of accreditation schemes aimed at giving students confidence in renting from landlords and agents. Unipol administers National Codes that accredit larger developments, but also has bases in Leeds, Bradford and Nottingham which accredit private landlords. Renting from a Code landlord offers reassurance that standards have been checked and Unipol can offer help if things go wrong. For more information about the Codes themselves, click the relevant Code logo below.


We are a small and knowledgable team here to offer help and guidance with the Codes. Below is some information about the Code teams and who to contact should you have any queries. 

Your Leeds Code Team

Amy Wood - Accreditation Officer

Amy administers the Unipol Code in Leeds, working with landlords and managing agents to sign up to the appropriate Code, conducting property inspections as well as receiving complaints from landlords, tenants or neighbours of Code properties. Amy is also the administrator for the AFS/Unipol Code, co-ordinating our team of verifiers to accredit student homes across the country. 

You can arrange an appointment with Amy by email or calling 0113 205 3430.

John Balfour - Assistant Accrediation Officer

John works with both the National Codes Administrator and the Accreditation Officer in Leeds to facilitate the accreditation and verification processes. John deals with enquiries about accreditation, maintains the code databases and conducts property inspections, ensuring that accredited properties meet the agreed standards. John also deals with complaints from tenants, landlords and neighbours of Code properties.

You can arrange an appointment with John by email or calling 0113 205 3417.

Your Bradford Code Team

Jay Crowley - Accommodation Bureau Services Officer

Jay looks after the day-to-day running of the Accommodation Bureau in Bradford, helping students with property advice and facilitating landlords in letting their properties. Jay is also responsible for administering the Unipol Code in Bradford, managing the verification process and inspecting properties to ensure they meet Code standards.

You can arrange an appointment with Jay by email or calling 01274 235 899.

Your Nottingham Code Team

Kate Coyle - Accreditation Officer

Kate administers the Unipol Code in Nottingham, managing the accreditiation process and fielding queries about the Codes. Kate also inspects properties to ensure they meet Code standards and deals with complaints from tenants, landords and neighbours of Code properties

You can make an appointment with Kate by email or calling 0115 934 5023.

Your National Code Team

Simon Kemp - National Codes Administrator

Simon administers the two National Codes that set benchmark standards for the management of student halls of residence. Simon operates the schemes day-to-day and can help with any complaints and enquiries. The National Codes have a dedicated website which can be accessed here.

For further information, you can contact Simon by email or calling 0113 205 3406.

The Unipol Complaints Tribunal

The Tribunal is an indepdendent body that considers complaints brought under the Unipol Codes, where the relevant parties cannot reach a resolution themselves. The Tribunal will consider the evidence presented by both parties and decide whether any standards of the Code have been breached. Where a landlord is found to have breached Code standards, possible outcomes range from recommendations of a change in management practices to suspension from the Code. Where a student/tenant is found to have breached the Code, the Tribunal is able to refer this to the relevant university/college.

Details of membership of the Tribunal as well as upcoming Tribunal dates can be found here. All outcomes of all upheld Tribunal decisions are published here.