The Codes

Unipol runs a number of Codes to give students confidence in renting from housing suppliers. We always recommend that wherever possible students rent from a landlord who has signed up to one of the Codes - you can find the current list of members here.


We run Codes for smaller student properties in Leeds, Bradford and Nottingham, but also manage two national schemes for large student housing developments - the National Codes. In addition to this, we now run a national accreditation scheme for smaller student properties - the AFS / Unipol Code.

The purpose of the various Codes is to drive up the standards in student accommodation by ensuring that, rather than simply meeting the minimum legal requirements, providers go above and beyond; offering good quality, safe and well managed housing for students. All the Codes have been developed in partnership with their local universities and students’ unions.

It’s not all about the state of the building and its interiors. The Code also insists on a high standard of management and customer service from the accommodation provider. This includes everything, from the promptness of dealing with repairs to the way in which the provider liaises and communicates with the tenants. Signing with a Code landlord means peace of mind 

Read more about the Codes - download a copy

National Code             AFS/Unipol Code

Unipol Student Homes Code For Shared Student Housing in the Private Rented Sector

Leeds             Bradford              Nottingham

For Owner Occupiers Providing Accommodation in their Own Homes in the Student Private Rented Sector

Leeds             Bradford             Nottingham

Unipol Code for Owner Occupiers Providing Homestay Accommodation


How are Standards Checked?

The Codes are robustly administered, have tough entry standards and suppliers are checked to make sure they meet the standards they say they do. Here is more information about the verification process.

The Complaints Process

As well as laying out accommodation and customer service standards the Code also comes with a complaints process, which can be used to resolve problems that may arise during the tenancy. Most complaints are resolved early on in the process, but if a supplier is in breach of the Code an independent Tribunal can review the case and make a decision to remove a landlord from the Code, in addition to making recommendations to other bodies. Find out how the complaints process works here

90% of all complaints that Unipol receive about student housing come from the unaccredited (non-Code) landlords. It really is best to rent from a Code landlord or agent (shown either as green or blue on the website and always listed first).