The AFS/Unipol Code

The AFS/Unipol Code was a national accreditation scheme for shared houses.

No new applications for membership are being accepted, but there are still some existing members.


What can students expect from Code landlords and properties?

Landlords in the AFS/Unipol Code offer responsive and friendly service and their properties meet higher standards of health and safety.

You can expect:

  • The contract will be written in reasonable terms
  • The accommodation will be fully equipped and ready for the start date
  • Repairs and maintenance will happen within prescribed timescales
  • The property will meet high standards of health and safety
  • If things go wrong, you can make an official complaint and get help
  • A better deal all round!

A full copy of the Code standards is available to view here

Who is a member?

The list below details properties and landlords that are accredited under the AFS/Unipol Code. Membership is for a limited period and the date that membership expires for each landlord is listed in brackets next to thier name.

There are two types of membership:

  • Full Landlord membership - this landlord has accredited all of thier properties under the AFS/Unipol Code and are listed in Green
  • Property accreditation only - this landlord has only put forward selected properties for accreditation. Only the properties listed below are covered. Landlords are listed in black.

Members are listed by city/town.


David Liston (21/06/2018)


Sundra (Andree) West (22/06/2018)