Tribunal Findings

The complaints and Tribunal system is a key component of the Codes, helping to ensure that required standards are upheld. It is an important part of the assurance process that the outcomes of Tribunals are published and made available to users of the Code service. (This is something that members agree to when they join.)

Also published are the details of members of the Code Supporters' Scheme who have been suspended by the decision of the Managing Agents' Code Membership Group, which is the body that regulates the progress of Supporters through the Scheme.

Decisions from recent Unipol Code Tribunals held in Nottingham, Leeds and Bradford, and from the Managing Agents' Code Membership Group can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.


March 2016
Complaint brought against Megaclose
Press release

July 2015
Complaint brought against Dinah Kerton and Shields Student Homes

December 2014
Complaint brought against Cunningham Lettings

April 2014
Complaint brought against: Sarah Bath Ltd.



March 2016

Complaint brought against: Jagtar Properties

January 2016

Suspension from the Unipol Code Supporters' Scheme: Danhamz Ltd  UPDATED, 16th February 2016: Re-instatement to the Unipol Code Supporters' Scheme: Danhamz Ltd

August 2015

Suspension from the Code Supporters' Membership Scheme: Samara Homes

March 2015

Complaint brought against: Rentinc

November 2014

Complaints brought against: Sugarhouse Properties, Simon Potter, Hanmol Limited, Kay Cooper, Adam Griggs and Isabella and Clyde Parasram

June 2014:
Complaints brought against: iFor Homes and UK Pads.

April 2014:
Complaints brought against: iFor Homes and UK Pads.


May 2016

Complaint brought against Mark Johnstone

Complaint brought against Wai Pong Andrew Ip

January 2015

Complaint brought against Mazhar Khan.

December 2014:

Complaint brought against: Ozma Iqbal, Rehmet Khan Awan, Shaun Bielby, Jawed Akhtar, Mohammed Akbar, Julie Bullard, Amir Hussain and Aziz Rahman

July 2014:
Complaint brought against: Sirajul Haque.


For outcomes from National Code Tribunals click here