Unipol is on a mission to help the students of Nottingham find the best homes possible. We are a charity, so you can expect honest impartial advice, free from hype or bias. 

Finding a new home is exciting but you need the right tools. We will help you get informed and see the choice you need to make the best decision.

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Your tool kit

There is a lot of choice out there so follow our 3 proven steps to housing success:

  1. Compare the market
  2. Know your rights
  3. Go with the Code

You will also need to know which area of Nottingham you want, and who to live with. 

Fighting for students: The Code

We are passionate about standing up for your right to a safe and secure home. 

Don’t accept anything less than the best by going with the Unipol Code. There are over 23,000 Code bed spaces in Nottingham to choose from.


Check my landlord is Code     Unipol Code: Delivering better landlords

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