Bringing Children On Campus

Policy on Bringing Children on to Campus

Students may be accompanied by children in general public areas such as the refectory, or in one-to-one tutorials if the tutor permits. Children brought onto the campus are the responsibility of the adult who brings them and must be supervised at all times. From a Health and Safety perspective, the University environment is not, in general, designed for, nor does it take specific account of, the needs of young children and toddlers; therefore close and continuous supervision by the parent / carer will be required at all times. Under no circumstances should children be brought into areas where there is the possibility of a risk to health and safety (notable examples would include laboratories and workshops) unless specific authorised approval has been given by an authorised member of the relevant School, in relation to an individual proposed entry.

Parents are allowed to bring their children into the University Library for a short time providing that they are supervised at all times. The University Library cannot be held responsible for what might happen to an unattended child in University Library buildings. There are silent study areas that are unsuitable for children to use. If a child causes disruption to other University Library users the parent and child may be asked to leave. The libraries may house materials on open access shelves or have available on PCs that some parents would find unsuitable for their children to see.

Students should not normally bring their child with them into any public teaching and research areas – such as lecture theatres, seminar or teaching rooms, laboratories or shared work spaces – and so they will need to make arrangements for the care of their child whilst they are in these locations.