Ten Things to do in your First Week


  1. Check your student registration status and get your student ID card.
  2. If you arrive – with or without your family – and you have not sorted out a longer-term place to live, secure temporary accommodation and make sure you have sufficient funds for these purposes. In looking for a more permanent home, make full use of the support of your institution and Unipol – including the information and guidance provided in these pages.
  3. If you move into longer-term accommodation on arrival and anything is wrong with the property, follow it up immediately with the accommodation provider.
  4. If you move into longer-term accommodation on arrival, make sure you sort out any domestic services that need connecting or putting in your name for billing purposes (for example, IT connectivity, energy supplies).
  5. Make sure you and all family members register with a doctor (otherwise known as a general practitioner or GP). For help in this go to the NHS Choices website.

  6. If you haven’t had these done before you arrive, book yourself and your family in with your GP for immunisations recommended by the NHS. These include:
    • meningitis (Men ACWY) – particularly important for anyone under 24
    • tetanus
    • diphtheria
    • polio
    • MMR (measles, mumps and rubella)
    • hepatitis B, which is recommended for healthcare students and gay men
    • influenza (flu), which is recommended for anyone with a chronic illness and for pregnant women
    • pneumonia, which is recommended for anyone with respiratory difficulties
  7. Make contact with childcare providers / schools which you have signed your child(ren) up for. If you haven’t made prior arrangements, researching and sorting out childcare and schooling arrangements will be an urgent priority.
  8. Sort out some personal possessions insurance if it is not included as part of your accommodation contract arrangements.
  9. Introduce yourself to your neighbours.
  10. Check what social events for students with families are coming up.