Important note on local services

Important Note on Local Services

Generally, students in Nottingham will live in an area served by one of two local authorities. Areas such as Dunkirk, Lenton and Wollaton are covered by Nottingham City Council  
Areas such as Beeston, Bramcote, Chilwell and Sutton Bonington are covered by Nottinghamshire County Council.

Nottingham City Council is a “unitary authority”, which means that all local services are provided by the Council.

Nottinghamshire County Council is a two-tier authority: the County Council is an upper tier of local government, responsible for providing services such as education, transport, planning, fire and public safety, social care, libraries and trading standards. The lower tier of local government within Nottingham County Council consists of seven district / borough councils:

Ashfield District Council

Bassetlaw District Council

Broxtowe Borough Council

Gedling Borough Council

Mansfield District Council

Newark and Sherwood District Council

Rushcliffe Borough Council (which includes the University of Nottingham’s Sutton Bonington Campus)

District and borough councils are responsible for rubbish collection, recycling, Council Tax collection, housing and planning applications.

If you live in or near Nottingham but are not covered by the City Council, it is likely that you will be covered by one of the three borough councils listed above.

It is important that you check which local authority area you live in – especially to ensure that you can access the right education services for your children.