Accreditation Schemes

Accreditation schemes - signing up with a landlord committed to meeting professional standards

Accreditation is an important feature of the student rental market in Leeds.

The purpose of accreditation schemes is to get landlords to sign up to maintaining a set of professional standards in providing housing and housing management services. Scheme managers check that landlords are meeting these standards. If an occupant is unhappy with something relating to their property or the way it is run, they can complain about it and have their complaint heard independently. In extreme cases, scheme managers can end a landlord’s membership. This can have a damaging effect on a landlord’s business, because being a member of a scheme gives a landlord a strong marketing advantage.

Accreditation schemes have a strong and influential presence in the student accommodation market in Leeds. Much of this has to do with Unipol, which has been a pioneer nationally in championing accreditation as a powerful tool for raising housing standards.

When looking for any type of family accommodation to rent, make sure you check that the accommodation provider is on the membership list for the Leeds Rental Standard and look out for the scheme membership badge.


Also, read up on what advantages and protections the Leeds Rental Standard  gives you if you sign up with a member landlord. There are many landlords in the private rented sector who are members of the Leeds Rental Standard. Unipol, the University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett University are also members.

It is worth repeating the message: it is strongly in your interests to opt for a property managed by a landlord / agent who is a Leeds Rental Standard member, because they have made a formal commitment to maintaining their properties and managing them according to a more professional set of standards than non-members. Trust plays a big part in choosing a home to rent and you can feel more confident that an LRS landlord will provide a properly professional service.