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Finding Somewhere to Live - Private Rented Accommodation Suitable for Families

Mailing List to stay Connected about Family Social Events and Messages of Interest

When to look for Accommodation in the Private Rented Sector 

Which Area to Live In 

Resources to Support you in Finding Suitable Accommodation for you and your Family 

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Finding Somewhere to Live - Private Rented Accommodation Suitable for Families

As an alternative to Unipol and University accommodation, students may opt for a family house or self-contained flat in the community, rented from a private landlord / agent unconnected with either Unipol or the student’s educational institution, and operating on a commercial basis.

Private sector family houses generally range from £600 - £1000 per month. Cheaper and larger accommodation for families tends to be found outside the city centre in the surrounding areas of Leeds.

When hunting for family housing in the private rented sector, look out for landlords who are members of the Leeds Rental Standard. For more information, visit our web page accreditation schemes – signing up with a landlord committed to meeting professional standards.

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Mailing List to Stay Connected about Family Social Events and Messages of Interest

If you are looking for accommodation in the private rented sector, it is worth your while staying in touch with us throughout your time as a student in Leeds, so that we can keep you informed about social events for students with families (including inviting you to events that we organise as part of an annual programme . We may also have other messages of interest for you. So please complete this short pro-forma to stay connected. The information you give us may be shared between Unipol and the University, but be assured that neither Unipol nor the University will use this information for any other purposes or share it with other third parties.

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When to Look for Family Accommodation in the Private Rented Sector

Start exploring accommodation options and the market as soon as you have accepted a firm offer at the University and, if from overseas, you have the necessary visa/immigration clearance.

Many students who will be living with their families in Leeds – particularly those from overseas – come to Leeds on their own and take up temporary accommodation (eg in a budget hotel) while they look for longer-term accommodation. Their families join them once they have secured longer-term accommodation. The real advantage of this approach is that you get to see properties at first hand and get a proper feel for the neighbourhoods in which they are located. But if you plan to do this, research beforehand the general cost of your temporary accommodation and make sure you have sufficient funds for it.

If you are due to start your studies/research at the beginning of the standard academic year in early autumn, you should make yourself familiar with the shape of the standard house-hunting season and student rental market. See in particular Leeds house hunting – our comprehensive guide and Market conditions in Leeds, but remember that housing suitable for student families is only a part of the wider student rental market and is therefore in shorter supply than shared housing for single students.

There is always an element of risk in signing up for private rented accommodation without seeing it at first hand. But if you decide to do this, look for adverts which give a good sense of the quality and size of the property and those which have clear photographs of what is on offer. (As in Unipol and University accommodation, private rented housing is usually adequately furnished and equipped with the basic white goods, but inevitably some properties are better furnished and equipped than others.) It is also a good idea to contact the landlord and ask them about the property and its location. To support you in this, find out more about what you should be considering when you view a property and make use of the Unipol checklist for guidance on what to look out for during property viewings. Above all, focus on properties where the landlord is a member of the Leeds Rental Standard. A landlord’s membership should give you the assurance and trust that you are looking for. You may also be able to find out what previous tenants’ opinions on a landlord / property are by looking at reviews at Rate Your Landlord.  

Please be aware that, if you are thinking of using a commercial letting agent to help you find accommodation many will not allow you to sign up for a property without you first having viewed it at first hand.

It is also worth noting that, if you have school-age children, signing up for longer-term accommodation before you arrive will make it quicker and easier for you to progress an application for your child(ren) to secure a place in a school, because you will be able to provide the local education authority with evidence of a permanent address in Leeds in advance of your arrival here.

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Which Area to Live in

The areas where students traditionally live are the postcodes Leeds 2 – 6 (Headingley, Hyde Park, Woodhouse, Burley, around the University campus near the city centre and to a lesser extent Meanwood and Kirkstall.)

There is a huge amount of private rented accommodation in these areas. Much of it is in the form of terraced houses plus some back-to-back properties and semi-detached houses. There are many benefits to living in these areas, including proximity to the University, good transport links and local services, such as shops, cafes, cinemas and pubs. As communities with large student populations, these areas have a lively atmosphere, which is generally a very positive asset. However, be aware that the ambient noise levels may be higher than you are used to and that the lifestyles of some single, young students without families may not match your own. Alternatively, you may wish to live in another area of the city – Unipol’s Where to live in Leeds page gives more detail on the options by area.

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Resources to Support you in Finding and Living in Suitable Accommodation for you and your Family

Unipol has put together a wide range of comprehensive information and guidance to help you navigate your way through the market to identify and secure suitable accommodation for your and your family’s needs:-

Find out what you need to know before you start looking - here

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Unipol’s Online Property Search Engine

As well as providing its own accommodation for students with families, Unipol enables private landlords to advertise their properties on its website. It is important to remember that although there are other letting agents out there in the commercial sector, Unipol is a not for profit organisation. It is formally linked to the University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett University, and is wholly focused on serving the interests of students, which includes full commitment to raising housing and housing management standards. Our research shows that students with families are frequently apprehensive about using a commercial letting agent to help find accommodation. It is very much in your interests to use Unipol’s property search engine to find accommodation suitable for you and your family.

In searching on Unipol’s properties search engine look out both for the tag which indicates suitability for families and for landlord membership of the Leeds Rental Standard.

Find out more about how to use Unipol's Property Search here.

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