Market Conditions - Students with Families

Market Conditions in Leeds

Students with Families and Couples – Cautionary Note

The information and guidance set out below is general and much of it is about single students in shared rented housing. Nonetheless, it gives you a context for the market. As you are likely to be looking for a property other than shared student housing, accommodation that suits you is likely to be in shorter supply. So make sure you allow plenty of time to secure appropriate accommodation before your studies start.

Understanding the Housing Market: Market Conditions

Before getting into details about housing, it is important to look at the 'big picture'. You are entering the housing market, maybe for the first time. Whether you are going to live in university or private sector accommodation, what you can rent will be largely determined by the characteristics of your local housing market, in particular:

  • How expensive it is to live in your area
  • Whether there is a surplus or shortage of housing

Whether there is enough good quality housing will determine:

  • When you should start looking
  • How much you can expect to pay
  • What scope there is to negotiate
  • What kind of property you can expect to rent

The Balance of Supply and Demand

There is currently a surplus of student accommodation in Leeds. Last January there was a surplus in the region of 3,500 bed spaces, so it is never too late to start house hunting. Students who wait until after the January rush are more likely to get a better deal.

Rent Levels in Leeds

To give you some idea of the housing market here are a few indicators:

  • Although rents vary, the average cost of student rents in off-street shared properties (exclusive of bills) in Leeds is £74
  • The number of students housed directly by the institutions in Leeds is 12,666
  • The number of students housed in the private sector is in the region of 30,500
  • You can find information below, for 2016, detailing the average rents for different types of properties on offer in Leeds:

Property type                  

Average rent

Studio flat


Private hall


Self-contained flat (1 bed)


Shared flat


Shared house


Owner occupier