Using Unipol's Property Search

Using our Property Search

Unipol's property search facility will allow you to search for properties by:

•     Type

•     Location – check out our area guide

•     Distance from the University

•     Length of stay - To search by length of stay you will need to open up the advanced search (select the + icon) and make a time selection under ‘Short Term Let?'

Our property adverts will tell you if the property is accredited.  it's easy - just look for the symbols below and if you see this on an advert you will know your property is covered.

This icon on the map is for a Unipol property where Unipol would be your landlord.



This icon on the map is for a privately owner property where the landlord or agent    is a member of the Unipol Code of Standards.


What Next?

Question: I like a property - what do I do?
To contact the accommodation provider and book a viewing either use the Book a Viewing button or use the Contact Details in the main advert which will provide a telephone number.

Question: I haven't found what I'm after - what do I do?
Answer: At the top of the map are the search options, change one or a few of the search fields to get new search results to look through.