Council Tax

Council Tax

What it’s For

Local authorities – including Leeds City Council – collect Council Tax to help fund local services including education, police, fire and refuse collection. The charge is based on the value of the property as determined by the authorities according to a set of value bands. Council Tax is billed on an annual basis, but is payable in instalments for ten months of the year (April to January).

Indicative Level of Full Cost

If you are liable for Council Tax without any discount, the typical annual bill for a household is currently somewhere around £800 - £1,300 (ie £80 - £130 for each of the ten months it is payable), depending on how the authorities have valued the property you are living in. Advice is available on these pages and on the Leeds City Council website about liability and possible exemptions. Because Council Tax is significant enough to have a real impact on your budget, you are advised to research in advance whether you and your family would be liable for Council Tax payments, and you may wish to contact the City Council to discuss this:

Tel: (+44) (0)113 222 4404.

Possible Exemptions from Paying Council Tax

There are some exemptions to liability for the tax, in full or in part. Generally, full-time students are eligible for Council Tax exemptions or discounts. For full-time students sharing accommodation exclusively with other full-time students this is usually straightforward. However, the position for full-time students living with their families is more complicated. Your eligibility for Council Tax exemption/discount will be determined by your student and visa status (and that of your partner – and co-resident dependants if they reach the age of 18 while in the UK), course duration, number of study hours per week and your living arrangements. To find out more about eligibility and how to make an online claim for exemption/discount, visit Leeds City Council’s web pages on Students and Council Tax. If you are unsure aout the guidance given, contact the Council and speak to someone who can help.

For further information and guidance, go to, as appropriate:


If you are liable for Council Tax and you are struggling to pay the bill, contact your students’ union’s advice services. It is important that you don't ignore a Council Tax letter as there may be legal implications.

It is your responsibility to inform the Council if your circumstances change and you are no longer a full-time student or your living arrangements change. There could be legal implications if you fail to notify the council of any changes.