Finding a Replacement Family

Finding a Replacement: 

When you sign a Unipol Tenancy you are contractually obliged to pay the rent in full for the contracted period

As a not for profit provider we try and maximise our occupancy to keep rents lower.

Never simply leave your room and hope that the issue of paying rent will go away: it won’t. Simply leaving your room means that Unipol cannot even try to let it, because it is still legally occupied by you and Unipol will always seek to recover monies owed in these circumstances.

If you want to, or feel you have to, leave your accommodation then there are some options open to you so that you do not have to continue paying rent:

Finding a replacement tenant

This way Unipol does not lose income and we can then release you from your tenancy. If you ask your Housing Management Officer, they will arrange for a communication to be made to applicants on the family waiting list to explore whether anyone on the list wishes and is able to take on the remainder of the tenancy.

If a replacement is found you will need to complete the paperwork to release you from your contractual obligations and then we can sign up the new tenant.

Under normal circumstances you will not be released from your contract, even if you have given up your course and are leaving Leeds. It is never possible to release you from your contractual obligations in the final three months of your tenancy.