Leaving the Property Early

Leaving the Property Early

You may decide to leave your property early because your course / studies / research has finished and you no longer need to be in Leeds.

In the current unpredicitable circumstances notice of 1 month will be accepted in May, June, July, August, September, October and November with 2 months' notice required in December, January, March and April. This notice period can be waived by Unipol/the University of Leeds agreement in exceptional cases.

Until your tenancy ends, you are still liable for rent but if you do not intend to return to the property and surrender your keys, then Unipol can inspect the property and return your deposit amount earlier than the end of your tenancy.

If you do decide to vacate the property early and would like to get your deposit returned earlier, please let us know at housing@unipol.leeds.ac.uk and we can arrange your end of tenancy inspection.

Find out more information about how your deposit return will be processed here.

There are quite a few things to remember when you are moving out: 

The cleaning has to be done at the end of the tenancy

Open PDF Leaving your property guide

As you are on an individual tenancy, you are the only person liable for the condition of the accommodation.

Carpet Cleaning

If you know your carpet or sofas need cleaning due to excessive dirt or an accidental spill, you can use the services of our approved contractor, Rapid Dry. Contact Steve Smith on 0113 263 3876 rapid.dry@btinternet.com Please note; the minimum job value is £40.


Unipol does not forward mail or parcels. We will not collect and forward mail from the property or allow ex-tenants keys to collect mail from a property. If you expect mail to be delivered you need to instruct Royal Mail to redirect your post. Redirection is a cost-effective way of continuing to receive mail when you move home.

To obtain this service you can visit the Royal Mail website www.royalmail.com and fill in the online application form. Alternatively, go to any Post Office and ask for a Redirection Application Form. Redirection takes one week to set up, so be prepared in advance.

You should still inform all correspondents of your change of address before you leave.

Disposing of your rubbish and waste

Unipol do not want your old furniture, appliances or rubbish, so you need to think about how you are getting it out of the property. Please remember, we will charge removal and tipping fees if you leave unwanted items and rubbish in the property.

All the latest information, including a map of recycle points can be found at Recycle for Leeds with lots of information about the services available from the Council to enable you to leave your property and Leeds in a good condition.

Bills – gas, electricity, water, telephone and internet

As you are responsible for the bills, you must advise the supply companies that you are leaving and take an accurate meter reading on the day you move out and close the account. You will then need to provide a forwarding address so they can send on the final bill.

If you do not inform your supplier and close your account, you could end up paying for the supply of the tenants moving in. If requested, Unipol have an obligation to pass on home addresses of previous occupants to supply companies.

Damage and claiming on your insurance

If you think something needs replacing due to damage then you should inform Unipol now. Contact your Housing Management Officer, ask them for a quote for the damage or replacement, and then register a claim with Endsleigh insurance. It is in your interest to do this now, rather than leave it to the end of your tenancy when making a claim could be more difficult.