Letting your Place Quickly

Letting your Place Quickly is Better for You!

Viewings on your property can cease if another family rents the house / flat. If the property takes a long time to let, we will continue to carry out viewings until the end of your tenancy

Would you rent a messy, unattractive room?

These are really obvious things, but they can easily make or break a viewing:

  • Open the curtains in the morning.
  • If the curtains are not hung correctly or are falling off, let us know
  • Check all the light bulbs are working and you have lamp shades on them
  • Make the beds every morning and remove clothing from the floor
  • Clean up dirty dishes from bedrooms, remove old mail and flyers from door ways
  • Allow easy access for viewings by providing Unipol with valid mobile and email details
  • Chase up outstanding repairs so we can ensure your property is looking the best

Just be friendly if you are in - simple things can make all the difference to a quick let!

Thank you