Property Reviews

Property Reviews

What is a property review?

Unipol will conduct an annual review of your property once during the year, but if there are problems it may be reviewed more frequently. You will be contacted when we plan to carry out a review and we will arrange a date with you – please be there if you can.

We normally provide a week’s notice about the planned review date.

The review covers a range of checks and you will be notified of these in writing when informed of the review itself. On the day of the review we will leave a form as a record of the review, giving you any necessary feedback and highlighting any faults or problems.

If the state of the property is found to be unsatisfactory it will be reviewed a second time. An administrative charge may be applied - to be paid by you - if a return visit is required. The condition of the property for the review can also have a bearing on whether or not Unipol will allow you to remain in the property for a further tenancy.