Landlord Training events Nottingham

Advertising and Code accreditation with Unipol provides landlords access to free training events.

The training events are designed to help improve the services you offer to students and to also prepare landlords for many difficult situations they may face.

Below is a list of our upcoming training events. If you are interested in any of the events, just click the title to find out more and to book your space.

All events take place at our offices on 28 Shakespeare Street, NG1


Landlord Training- Deposits from beginning to end

Date: 11th June 2019

This half day training event is designed to help both new landlords and established landlords manage the end of tenancy and deposit process. Mishandling of deposit deductions or charges that are perceived by tenants to be unfair can be a major source of tenant dissatisfaction and can end tenancies on sour note. 

This short course will cover:

  • Managing student and parent expectations more effectively
  • Communicating the process to students
  • The tenancy deposit schemes - what is and isn't possible
  • Avoiding end of tenancy disputes and complaints under the Unipol Code
  • How to manage the tenancy and not the deposit, preparing at the start of the tenancy and evidence at the end.

10:45am- 11:00am      Registration and coffee
11:00am - 11:10am     Welcome and introductory remarks
11:10am- 11:40am      What is best practice? A landlord’s obligations under deposit protection and the Unipol Code. Nicola Brown
11:40am- 12:10am      The process for managing tenancies: moving in and out procedures, inspections and tenancy support. Jakub Pietruszewski
12:10pm- 12:20pm     Concluding remarks and questions


Nicola Brown: Assistant Chief Executive- Hub Services
Jakub Pietruszewski Housing Team Leader

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