Market Conditions Nottingham

Understanding the Housing Market: Market Conditions

Before getting into details about housing, it is important to look at the "big picture". You are entering the housing market, maybe for the first time, and whether you are living in university or private sector accommodation, the main determinants of what you can rent will be decided by the particular factors of your local housing market:

  • Knowing how expensive it is to live in your area
  • if there is a surplus or shortage of housing

Whether there is enough good quality housing will determine:

  • when you should look for housing
  • how much you can expect to pay
  • how much you can negotiate
  • what kind of property you can expect to rent

If there an accommodation surplus or a shortage?

The number of students housed directly by the institutions in Nottingham is over 11,000
The number of students housed in the private sector is around 30,000

The current state of the housing market in terms of supply and demand is that there is a significant surplus (this will vary according to the time of year because there is never a housing shortage at the beginning of the letting year)