Nottingham House Hunting - our comprehensive guide

Q: What help can I get in finding the right accommodation?

A: The answers to these questions and others about services available and the state of the accommodation market will depend on where you’re studying. But there are some things which always apply, wherever you’re looking to rent.

Look at the menu on the right to get advice and information on house hunting we have lots of quality accommodation available and our house hunting article will guide you through the process of selecting your new home.

Students with dependants should see the family housing page for additional information specifically for those looking to share accommodation with their partner, spouse or children.


Q: How do I know what properties are available?

A: If you’re a returning student you may find yourself in the lucky position of not having to look very far: a significant number of properties are let by word of mouth and never reach any advertisement boards. They are let to students who stay in them for more than one year who then pass them on to friends (or friends of friends). This happens generally because they are good properties and well priced. If friends or acquaintances are due to leave their house and you like the look of it, don't be afraid to follow this up with them.

It is not advisable to knock on doors if you do not know the current tenants - students live in a community with home owners and this can be disruptive and cause bad feeling between students and local residents. It is also not a safe thing to do.

Q: Is there any other information I could make use of that isn’t on the Website?

A: We also provide a comprehensive information service which provides help and advice beyond that described here. Click here for local details.