#MovingOut 2022

Take the stress out of mov​ing out by starting NOW!

A small amount of time getting organised now will save you from the final day panic. Getting prepared now can save you from being fined by your landlord or the council if you try to leave stuff behind.

We’re working with the Leeds universities and Leeds City Council to make your moving out experience easier.  

Here are our tips and tricks to take the stress out of #MovingOut

Most of it isn’t rubbish – donate it

Every year unwanted items in Leeds weighing hundreds of tonnes are donated or sold on by students. Your old stuff gets a new lease of life in a home that needs it. 

Here’s what you can do with it .

Good to Give – collecting from your doorstep

Around 7000 student homes will get a blue bag and instructions delivered through their letterbox.

1. Fill the blue bag we’ve posted alongsidethis flyer.

2. Put it in a visible place outside your house before midday, Tuesday-Sunday between June 7th and July 1st.

3. Our team will collect the bag – simple!

What can I put in the blue bag?

Yes Please!

  • Clean and reusable items
  • Clothing Bedding (e.g. duvets, pillows and bedsheets)
  • Paired shoes
  • Books
  • CDs & DVDs
  • Small electricals (e.g. hairdryers, toasters)
  • Pans and crockery

No Thanks!

  • Dirty, damaged and worn out items
  • Sharp items such as chopping knives
  • Underwear
  • Toiletries and laundry items
  • Houseplants
  • General waste
  • Furniture

If you have furniture you no longer want, try taking it to the Revive Shop in Kirkstall or asking a local charity to collect it.

Extra blue bags will be available to houses who have already had a bag delivered through their door. They can be collected via Leeds University Union, Leeds Beckett Students Union, Café of the Crescent, Left Bank, and HEART.

Don't Waste a Journey

Drop your things into at a donation bank – you’ll probably walk past one today!

  • Textile banks for Clean clothes

  • Electrical banks for anything with a wire or plug, working or broken

  • Get rid of your glass – drop it at the glass banks

You can take just about anything to your local recycling centre, open 8am-6pm, 7 days a week: By car or on foot at Evanston Avenue, Kirkstall, Leeds, LS4 2HR car only to Meanwood Road, Meanwood, Leeds, LS7 2LP

This map shows all your local donation points. 

You can also use the Council's Interactive Map to find additional drop-off points.


Donate unopened and non-perishable food, like tins and bags of pasta to a local food bank.

Rainbow Junktion Monday, Thursday and Friday from 12–3pm All Hallows’, 24 Regent Terrace, LS6 1NP.


Sell your stuff

Selling things has never been easier, and can help your bank account as you give your stuff a new home.

Buy and sell your unwanted stuff without the environmental impact (and the faff) of delivery and postage exclusively to other students using the Hazaar app.

Clothes apps like Depop and Vinted are simple ways to reach millions of users to potentially buy clothes you no longer want or need.

You can sell furniture, clothes and just about anything on Facebook marketplace.

Use your bins

It's common for students to leave their end of tenancy tidy out until the last minute. If you have lots of you living in 1 house, you will not have enough space in your bins for everyones waste. Make sure you're starting to get rid of your waste early so that you're not left with loads of rubbish at the end that you cannot get rid of and risk being fined.

Get rid of the paper, metals and plastics in your recycling bin, and your black bin for general rubbish like food waste and non-recycleable packaging.

Check your bin day here so you don’t miss a collection.

Leeds-City-Council-Letter-re-waste - Information for landlords from Leeds City Council

Don’t dump it – avoid a £200 fine

Do not leave waste on the street or at the side of your bin. Dumping ruins your local environment, creating an eyesore, attracting rats and causing pollution.

Had a particularly good or bad experience with your landlord? Let future students know! It takes less than 5 minutes to leave your landlord a review and it's a great way to have your opinions heard. Rate Your Landlord Here

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