Not found a group to live with next year?

Not found a group to live with next year?

Many students start worrying that they have not found a group to live with for their next academic year.

Don’t worry, there are many different options for individual house hunters. There are also many students who are in exactly the same situation.

Flat mate finding event

Meet other students in Leeds who are looking to form groups and search for accommodation.

Unipol are hosting two flat mate-finding events on the 29th January and 21st February 2020.

 These events will give you the chance to chat with other students and form friendships.

If you are interested in attending one of these events, please fill in the form below:


Student to Student Noticeboard


We run a Student Noticeboard on the Unipol website where students can form groups online and look for a room within a shared house.

Some students are looking to form a full group and some students are looking for a couple of other people to move into a property they have already found.

Take a look at the noticeboard here.


Individual lets

If you would like to look for accommodation on your own you can search the Unipol website for apartments and one bed houses.

In around March/April time, landlords will often change group houses to individual lets. This means you would sign an individual contract for a room within a shared property. In most cases, you will not meet the people you are sharing a house with until you move.

Search for one bedroom properties here.