Nottingham House Hunting Checklist 2020





Unipol is a not-for-profit, student accommodation help service. Our aim is to make sure you have the right information and confidence to search for your next student home.
We are passionate about improving the standards of student accommodation and ensuing you rent from the best landlords.
You can search for accommodation on the Unipol website here. Before you start, take a look at our checklist to ensure you are prepared and fully equipped with the tools you need for house hunting.


✅ Get a feel for what you like. 

It’s important that you get a varied view of what’s on offer so you can compare features and prices. Shop around and compare thousands of different types of student accommodation on our website. Look out for features such as all-inclusive bills, contract start date, living spaces and en-suites.

✅ Think about the area.

Students live all over Nottingham. If you are unsure of where to live, take a look at our guide here. The guide explains travel options to universities, costs and the amenities of the area.

✅ Learn a little bit about the Unipol Code and why you're better off choosing a Code landlord.

Universities and Unions recommend you rent from a Code landlord.
Living in a Unipol Code property will ensure the customer service and physical standards of the property are higher than the legal minimum. You can also expect repairs to be carried out within an agreed timeframe.
If any issues do arise, Unipol act as a third party to help resolve problems between the tenant and landlord.
Use the Code look up tool here to check if you live in a Unipol Code home.
When searching Unipol adverts, just look out for the Unipol Code thumbs up.


✅ Get your contract checked. 

Once you’ve decided where you’d like to live, the landlord will give you a contract to sign. A contract is legally binding and it is difficult to get out of it once you have signed. Before signing, we recommend you take your contract to your Students’ Union so an expect can take a fresh look at it before you sign.
Click here for more information on contracts. 


✅ What's your budget?

In most cases there will be costs involved in addition to just the rent. Make sure you have worked out what your budget is before you sign for a property you may not be able to afford.
The adverts on the Unipol website will tell you if bills are included in the rent.


✅ Finding house mates.

Want to live with other students but not met the right group?
The Student to Student noticeboard is a great way to meet other students looking for accommodation. Click here to join the forums.
Alternatively, you could rent a room in a shared house. Just look out for ‘will let individually’ on property adverts.


✅ What if you are not able to view the property in person?

There is currently some uncertainty surrounding how viewings will take place and how landlords and agents will offer these.  However, most viewings are likely to take place virtually.  Many of the adverts on the Unipol website will offer this facility.  These videos will take you on a tour around the house so you can get a better idea of layout and size.  Just search for properties on our website as usual and click ‘virtual viewing’ on the bottom left of the advert.  Some landlords may offer a physical viewing for a small groups of up to two people that represent a larger group.  To find out more just use the ‘book a viewing’ button and the landlord will get in touch and let you know what they are able to offer.

✅ Take a look at the Unipol House Hunting Guide.

For more information on House Hunting in Nottingham, take a look at the House Hunting Guide here.


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