Nottingham House Hunting Checklist

Unipol is a unique student housing charity passionate about helping students find the best housing and has the largest selection of accredited accommodation live on our site.

Take a look at our checklist below to ensure you have considered these aspects of House Hunting. 

 Think about your preferred area

If you are unsure of where to live, take a look at our area guide. Think about things like walking distance to uni, public transport and local amenities.

 Learn a little bit about the Unipol Code and why you're better off choosing a Code landlord

Living in a Unipol Code property will ensure the customer service and physical standards of the property are higher than the legal minimum. The Unipol Code Complaints process can also help resolve problems quickly. 

Look out for the Unipol Code Thumbs up and check if a property is in the Code with our look up tool.

 What's your budget?

In most cases there will be costs involved in addition to just the rent. Make sure you have worked out what your budget is before you sign for a property you may not be able to afford.

  Check out the House Hunting Guide.

Click here to take a look at our handy guide that covers all you need to know about House Hunting.

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For more detailed checklist about what to look out for whilst viewing a property, check out the Unipol Viewing Checklist.