The Unipol Code: delivering better landlords and agents

The Unipol Codes in a nutshell

Safer homes for students    /    Better landlords and agents    /    Peace of mind

"The Unipol Codes are here to provide students with a better standard of housing".
We want you to enjoy your time in Nottingham to the full and not have to worry about living in a place where you feel unsafe or unhappy.  The Unipol Code is all about providing you with a property from a landlord who has had to meet tough entry criteria and ongoing standards. Landlords join voluntarily and are expected to meet the highest standards of customer care and health and safety. 
"By choosing a Code landlord you will have a safer, easier experience in your rented accommodation".
The Codes cover all sorts of accommodation from rooms in halls to shared student houses and studios.  In Nottingham we have over 24,000 bed spaces accredited so there is no reason to pick a property or room that is not covered.
The Highlights  

You can get 24 hours to get your contract checked before you sign for a property

No nonsense repairs

If something goes wrong in your Code home members are committed to doing repairs within set timescales, once they have been reported, so you are not overly inconvenienced.


Deposits have to be managed fairly and protected in a deposit protection scheme

Your landlord will act professionally and politely

Code landlords are responsive, professional and committed to sorting out repairs and complaints promptly. They will also be courteous and provide first rate customer service.

Your safety is their priority

The fire safety measures will exceed those set by the Council and additional safety and security measures will be in place to keep you safe

Keeping standards high

Unipol inspects hundreds of Code homes every year to make sure standards are up to scratch. Our trained inspectors will pick up problems and give landlords action plans if improvements are necessary. The Unipol Code will cover the important safety stuff in a property, but you need to make a choice about the décor and level of ‘luxury’ you want, and how much you are willing to pay - the Code does not cover this.

What if things go wrong?

Most Code landlords will get on straight away with your repair once you report it in writing, often faster than the priority timescales. However some repairs and problems might take longer to resolve. Click below for our tried and tested route to being a good complainer! Be a good complainer

You may also not agree over the priority timescale - something that is very inconvenient, for example a broken shower, may not be urgent so other emergencies might take priority. However your landlord should keep you informed about progress.
"Don’t be afraid to write formally to your landlord. If you believe they have breached the Code raise this and ask for a resolution".
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