Tuesday 06 September 2022

London (TBC)

Fire Safety in Purpose Built Student Accommodation

Fire safety in purpose built student accommodation is a complex matter because of the dispersed and evolving regulatory picture, the mode of occupation and the type of construction, whether purpose built or converted. Managers of PBSA have increasing responsibilities to provide a safe living environment free from the risk of fire, and this brand new course has been designed to assist managers to understand these responsibilities and how take appropriate action where required.

Suitable for building managers, health and safety managers, the “Responsible Person”.

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This two day course will look at:

  • An Introduction to main pieces of legislation: the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, Housing Act 2004, and the new Fire Safety Act 2021 and Building Safety Bill.
  • What are the principles of fire safety in residential occupation and what additional factors need to be considered in the complex PBSA environment?
  • What is a fire risk assessment and who are the regulatory authorities?
  • Fire risk assessors competency
  • How to commission, read and review a fire risk assessment
  • Common issues found in PBSA
    • Fire doors and automatic fire detection (AFD)
    • Means of escape and management of common parts
    • Construction issues including fire separation and cladding
    • Stay put or simultaneous evacuation
    • Management of human behaviour.
  • Fire protection principles and common solutions
    • Stay put or simultaneous evacuation?
    •  Fire precautionary facilities management
  • Property licensing and the role of the local authority
  • Inspections and ongoing property maintenance
  • Key property tribunal decisions and future legal developments
  • The role of the ANUK/Unipol National Codes


This course will assist operators to understand their evolving and existing legal obligations, and will also help building managers to prepare for verification visits under the ANUK/Unipol National Codes.

Please note, this course will not provide training on how to undertake a fire risk assessment of PBSA as this complex area is best undertaken by qualified fire engineers or assessors. But it will provide those responsible for implementing the conclusions of a professionally undertaken fire risk assessment with the knowledge the take appropriate action in response. In addition because of the nature of this training, the majority of the content is based on English law and may not be applicable in other legal jurisdictions or the devolved administrations.

At the end of this course you will:

  • Understand the main areas of fire safety regulation in relation to residential accommodation
  • Grasp what the common areas of non-compliance are and how to deal with this
  • Have an understanding of the enforcement regime in this area
  • Be aware of how the ANUK/Unipol Codes verification process operates in relation to fire safety
  • Have the ability to make sound choices and judgements in response to the recommendations in a fire risk assessment
  • How to fulfil the role of the Responsible Person
  • Be aware of how to avoid mistakes and poor management practices that lead to increased risk and costly and time-consuming issues
  • Have improved confidence when dealing with tenants, parents, building owners and the ANUK/Unipol verification process.

Benefits to you:

  • Develop and refine your understanding of fire safety to enable you to comply with legal requirements
  • Expand your knowledge, grow your expertise and ensure you follow good practice
  • Feel confident to deal with a number of common issues
  • Opportunities for networking

Benefits to your organisation

  • Equip your team with the knowledge they need to understand why to comply, not just what is required, and therefore deal with problems before they arise.


How is the course delivered?

This course will be taking place in person and will include learning materials, exercises and the opportunity to discuss the topic with other delegates and the trainer. Delegates will be encouraged to review the fire risk assessment for a PBSA building and comment on it as part of the course.

Aimed specifically at staff working in student accommodation, it will also provide a valuable opportunity for networking and sharing experiences with other colleagues in the sector.

This course will be led by Richard Lord, environmental health consultant and verifier for the ANUK/Unipol Codes. Richard recently published the book “Fire Safety in Residential Property – A Practical Approach for Environmental Health” and delegates will be provided with a copy of this included within the course fees

Cost per delegate

Normal Delegate Rate - £430

Normal Delegate Rate - £405

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