Code Audit Panel Leeds and Bradford

The Audit Panel has responsibility for:

  • the operation of the verification system as determined by Unipol’s Board (in Leeds to inspect 1 in 5 properties and in Bradford to inspret all properties evey three years for landlords and the same ratio of properties by owner when managed by a managing agent).
  • deciding whether additional verification visits are required following any complaints or concerns
  • approving an application for membership with the Unipol Code Administrator reporting all new members to the Audit Panel at the earliest opportunity
  • taking decisions about admitting new applicants from managing agents into either the Unipol Code or the Code Supporter scheme and overseeing the individual arrangements entered into by managing agents
  • evaluating reports made to them by the Unipol Code Administrator
  • ensuring any improvement actions made in verification reports are clear, monitored and followed.

The Audit Panel has powers to:

  • immediately suspend a member from the Unipol Code pending further consideration by the Tribunal
  • refer a member to a Tribunal for non-compliance or where there is a challenge made to admit a managing agent into either the Unipol Code or Code Supporters scheme together with any recommendation for warnings, suspensions or expulsion from the Codes.

The Audit Panel will:

  • receive a report at each meeting from the Unipol Codes Administrator on the outcomes from the verification processes
  • ensure that verification is taking place within 30 days of an application being made to join the Code
  • ensure that a completed verification report is received in a timely manner for each inspection undertaken and kept on file for six years
  • issue minutes recording decisions of the Panel which are circulated to members and the relevant officials of Unipol.

The Audit Panel consists of:

An independent Chair
Mr John Balfour

One representative of the Leeds and Bradford Services Group
Ms Suzy Harrison

Three representatives apponted by Unipol's Board
Ms Victoria Johnson, Leeds Beckett University
Ms Sue Green, University of Leeds

The Assistant Chief Executive - Standards, Ms Victoria Tolmie- Loverseed ( or in her absence the Assistant Chief Executive - Hub Services)

One representative of Leeds City Council

Appointments are made for three years.

In Attendance:
Mr Matt Allison , the Unipol Codes Administrator, who services the Panel

Members of a verification team whose reports are due to be discussed

The Complaints Investigator when their presence is required by the Panel.

The Panel meets three times a year