Code Audit Panel Nottingham


The Audit Panel has responsibility for:

  • the operation of the verification system as determined by Unipol’s Board (currently to inspect 1 in 5 properties every three years for landlords and the same ratio of properties by owner when managed by a managing agent).
  • the operation of the verification system as determined by DASH Management Committee (currently to inspect a minimum 10% of each landlord’s property list).
  • deciding whether additional verification visits are required following any complaints or concerns
  • approving an application for membership with the UCA and DASH Services reporting all new members to the Audit Panel at the earliest opportunity
  • evaluating reports made to them by the UCA and DASH Services
  • ensuring any improvement actions made in verification reports are clear, monitored and followed.

The Audit Panel has powers to:

  • immediately suspend a member from a Code pending further consideration by the Tribunal (in respect of the Unipol Code) or by the Review Board (in respect of DASH accreditation)
  • refer a member to a Tribunal or the DASH Review Board for non-compliance together with any recommendation for warnings, suspensions or expulsion from the Codes.

The Audit Panel will:

  • receive a report at each meeting from the Unipol Codes Administrator on the outcomes from the verification processes
  • ensure that verification is taking place within 30 days of an application being made to join the Code
  • ensure that a completed verification report is received in a timely manner for each inspection undertaken and kept on file for six years
  • issue minutes recording decisions of the Panel which are circulated to members and the relevant officials of DASH and Unipol.


The Audit Panel consists of:

An independent Chair
Ms Claire Baxter

One representative of the Unipol Nottingham Group
Mr Tim Woodman-Clarke

One representative of DASH Services
Ms Linda Cobb

One representative of Nottingham City Council
Ms Julie Liversidge

The Assistant Chief Executive - Standards, Ms Victoria Tolmie-Loverseed (or in her absence the Nottingham Services Manager)

Appointments are made for three years.

In Attendance:

Ms Faye Swanwick, the Unipol Codes Administrator, who services the Panel

Members of a verification team whose reports are due to be discussed

The Complaints Investigator when their presence is required by the Panel.

The Panel meets four times a year 2017-2018 and not less than three times a year. thereafter, to oversee reports of verification.


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