The Nottingham Group

Terms of Reference:


a) advise on the operation of the Housing Hub services in Nottingham, maintaining a City wide strategic and operational perspective

b) advise on the operation and development of the housing management service in Nottingham

c) oversee the ongoing operation and development of the Unipol Code in the context of the Nottingham Standard

d) receive reports, as appropriate, on the on-going operation and financing of the service.

To meet twice a year.

All members of the Committee are voting members and the Chair shall have both an original and, if required a casting vote. All members shall be appointed for three years. The quorum shall be six voting members.


Chair - either the Chair of the Board or the Deputy Chair - Partnerships (ex Officio) as decided by the Board
Mr Mike Wilkinson

Two members from Unipol (to include the Chair)
Mr Mike Wilkinson
Ms Meri Braziel 

Nottingham Services Manager
and the Chief Executive (or his or her nominee)

Ms Hollie O'Connor
Mr Martin Blakey

Three members nominated by Nottingham City Council
Mr Graham de Max, Housing Partnership and Policy Manager
Mr Mike Cole, Student Strategy Manager
Mr David Walker, Head of Service 

Three members nominated by Nottingham Trent University
Mr Michael Lees, Head of Customer Service, Nottingham Trent University
Ms Sian Harvey, Accommodation Team Leader

Two members nominated by The University of Nottingham Students' Union
Ms Corrina Purves

One nominated member from DASH
Ms Linda Cobb

One nominated member from Nottingham Action Group
Ms Maja Fletcher

Two Student Representatives, to be appointed by the Board

Three members based in and around Nottingham to be co-opted by the Group
Three vacancies

In Attendace 

Mr Jakub Pietruszewski - Nottinghan Housing Housing Team Leader