Communications and IT Committee

Terms of Reference:


  • agree and monitor, on behalf of the Board, Unipol’s IT service delivery and strategy
  • ensure the security and integrity of personal data held
  • set an annual marketing strategy for owners using the housing hubs and students using accreditation
  • undertake an annual student engagement strategy promoting Unipol’s mission and purpose to students
  • oversee and monitor overall developments in social media
  • have strategic responsibility for the operation and development of Unipol’s websites
  • monitor of costs and income of these activities in the context of any budget set by the Financial Affairs and Staffing Committee
  • provide a forum for the discussion of future initiatives and investment within the IT and communications arena


Chaired by a member of the Board - Ms Meri Braziel

Two other Directors appointed by the Board
Mr Andy Welsh
Mr Ahmed Ali 

4 other members to be appointed by the Board
Ms Susan Green, University of Leeds
Three vacancies

Ex-officio Members,

Mr Andrew Livesey - Assistant Chief Executive - IT and Communications

Ms Victoria Tolmie-Loverseed - The Assistant Chief Executive - Standards

Ms Rachel Campey - Assistant Chief Executive- Housing

Ms Nikki Verity - Deputy Chief Executive 

In Attendance

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Hub Marketing Officer

ICT Manager 

The Committee shall meet not less than twice a year