The Review and Remunerations Committee

Terms of Reference

a)  to review the performance and determine the salary of the Chief Executive

b)  to review the performance of the Company Secretary and make its views know to the Chief Executive as part of any appraisal or review of the Assistant Chief Executive - Standards

c)  assess and review the capacity, support and shape of the Senior Management Team as appropriate

d) to report their conclusions and actions in minutes to the Board

e) the Committee to be serviced by the Deputy Chief Executive excepting the minuting of the conclusions made by the Committee in respect of the Chief Executive which will be recorded by an invitee from Human Resources, University of Leeds

f) the Group will meet at least annually with a date being set as part of the normal Committee cycle

g) the quorum shall be two members.

Membership (all ex Officio)

Chair of Unipol's Board and Chair
Mr Mike Wilkinson

The Deputy Chair - Finance 
Ms Jenny Share

Deputy Chair - Partnerships of Unipol's Board
Mr Ian Robertson

Deputy Chair- Portfolio
Mr Andy Welsh

The Assistant Chief Executive - Standards (for all matters excepting any review of their role as Company Secretary)