The Board

Five institutions are the company's members i.e. Leeds Beckett University, the University of Leeds,  Leeds Beckett University Students' Union, Leeds University Union and  Bradford College.
The Board has thirteen members appointed from the five member institutions and provision for six co-opted Trustees/Directors.
Its Officers are the Chair, Deputy Chair- Partnerships, Deputy Chair - Portfolio and Treasurer.

Details of Directors

You can view details of the individual directors here .

Mr Mike Wilkinson (Chair)
Co-opted Director

Mr Ian Robertson (Deputy Chair Partnerships)
Head of Residential Accommodation, University of Leeds

Ms Jenny Share (Deputy Chair - Finance)
Co-opted Director

Mr Andy Welsh (Deputy Chair - Portfolio)
Co-opted Director

Ms Meri Braziel
Co-opted Director
Ms Hannah Brian
Deputy Chief Executive - Student Engagement, Leeds University Union
Ms Catherine Cho 
Head of Governance Support, University of Leeds
Miss Anna Crookes
Activities and Events Officer, Leeds Beckett Students' Union
Miss Bethany Eaton
Wellbeing Officer, Leeds University Union
Miss Nicole Jimenez Mogrovejo
Postgraduate and International Officer, Leeds University Union

Ms Victoria Johnson
Head of Operations, Leeds Beckett University

Ms Jacqui Lawton
Head of Central Services, Leeds Beckett Students' Union
Mr Michael Lees
Co-opted Director

Miss Mphango Simwaka
Welfare and Community Officer, Leeds Beckett University Students' Union

Ms Caroline Thomas 
University Secretary, Leeds Beckett University 

Mr Chris Warrington
Head of Student Support, University of Leeds

Leeds Beckett University

Senior staff of Unipol Student Homes

Mr Martin Blakey                        Chief Executive
Ms Nikki Verity                            Deputy Chief Executive 
Ms Christina Rygalska                Director of Finance
Ms Victoria Tolmie-Loverseed     Assistant Chief Executive Standards & Company Secretary 
Ms Rachel Campey                     Assistant Chief Executive - Housing
Ms Nicola Brown                         Assistant Chief Executive - Hub Services
Mr Andrew Livesey                     Assistant Chief Executive - IT and Communications

All contactable at: Unipol Student Homes

155/157 Woodhouse Lane

Leeds LS2 3ED
Telephone 0113 2430169