House Hunting in Bradford 2020/2021


House hunting in Bradford commenced on 3rd February 2020. Throughout February there were 967 searches carried out, with 1,905 adverts viewed. 12 students used the book a viewing function on the website. In March the website saw 553 searches, down by 300 on the same period in 2019 and 1,413 adverts viewed. Of those searches 189 were made by unique users, only 30 less than last year.

April saw 380 searches with 914 adverts viewed. Throughout May the website had received 535 searches and 1235 adverts were viewed, over 300 higher than April. This shows students are currently looking for accommodation, but some will obviously be apprehensive towards booking at the moment.

It was expected that bookings/viewings would remain steady throughout March then slow towards the Easter holidays, however due to Coronavirus there have been a reduced number of students searching for accommodation since the University closed in March, and many have already returned home.

Hopefully when there is more certainty regarding the University opening again by September, accommodation search numbers will increase.

International students will not start to receive offers & visa's until June onwards, so as yet the virus may not have had an impact on their searches.