Bradford House Hunting 2022- 2023

The University of Bradford expected over 1,300 international arrivals for January intake, many travelling with dependents. These students arrived in January & February and website statistics refflect this. 1,225 accommodation searches were made on our website in January, with 2,408 advert views. February saw 236 searches & 362 advert views prior to house hunting start on 7th February. Many Bradford landlords are now fully booked until the summer. 
To help the January/February intake of students, Unipol and the University provided all incoming students with a link to the advice pages on our website, which also listed properties that were available. 
It is expected to be another busy lettings year, and the University have confrimed predicted intake for September is expected to be high amongst international students. Many of these students will want to bring dependents with them, which could pose problems due to the lack of family suitable accommodation. Unipol will afgain worl closely with the University to try and alleviate some of these issues.
House hunting for the next academic year (2022-2023) in Bradford commenced on 7th February 2022. To date since house hunting started 4,396 searches have been carried out with 8,079 adverts viewed, however, some of these could have been made by late arrivals for the January intake, rather than just students looking for the next academic year.
Throughout the whole of February the website saw 1,103 searches with 1,276 advert views. March had 845 searches with 1,469 advert views, this is an increase in advert views on March of the previous 2 years.  April searches slowed with just 741 searches and 1,586 adverts viewed. May has had 1,144 searches and 2,461 adverts viewed. Jun has slowed slightly with 709 searches and 1,582 advert iews carried out to date. 
It is expected these figures will start to rise in July and August, however many International students will need to wait until Visas' have been granted before securing accommodation, so booking could be made right throughout September. 
Along with all the usual marketing, Unipol also have a presence at all open days and applicant experience days, and are taking part in numereous webinars throughout the year, promoting the services that Unipol offer and the benefits of choosing a Code approved landlord.