Doris Birdsall Tenant Satisfaction Survey


Bradford Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2017-2018 - How Did We Do?



Each year, as a not for profit housing provider, Unipol conducts an independent Tenant Satisfaction Survey to see what our tenants think of our accommodation. This is a really important piece of work and tells us what we are (hopefully) doing well and what we need to do better.

In the survey we either measure satisfaction as a percentage or on a scale of 1 to 8 with 1 as worst and 8 as best.

Who Responded?

86.4% of tenants responded to the survey. These were made up of a mixture of College and University students of all ages & nationalities.

Overall every response showed a high score for satisfaction with Doris Birdsall Unipol Housing and that tenants were happy living there.

Moving in

The moving in process and tenants first weeks in the property achieved results of 7 and above, with tenants being happy with key collection, greeting, helpfulness of staff, cleanliness of the room and the accommodation being what they expected. Achieving consistently higher scores than previous years in all of these areas.


Satisfaction of facilities in the accommodation scored 7 and above, with the exception of curtains and fridge freezer space. We are currently looking into the condition of the curtains with a view to replace them with blackout ones at some point. Looking at the comments received regarding the fridge freezer space, it appears the lower score was down to a housemate using all the room, rather than the size of the appliances.

Maintenance & repairs

Again high scores were achieved in his area with most giving an average of 7. Communication of repair time had very slightly dropped on last year, so this is something that will be looked at, but on the whole tenants were happy with the reporting process, speed of response and quality of repair, all of which had increased on last years ratings.


A big thank you to all of our tenants who gave us their views - we really appreciate that. This has enabled is to focus our resources more precisely on what tenants want and to discover where things need to improve. Next year’s survey takes place in January 2018 - if you are a Unipol tenant, tell us your views and help shape your not for profit housing.