Information and Advice on Coronavirus from the government


General Information

This is a time of year when many people in the UK suffer from coughs and colds. Everyone is recommended to follow the usual hygiene precautions in daily life to reduce the risk of infection, such as washing hands regularly, covering their mouth and nose if they sneeze or cough, and keeping kitchens clean.

Good hygiene is an important as part of responding to the challenge of Coronaviris (COVID-19). As a matter of general good practice, this is a good time to ensure that you are registered with a local doctor. Information can be found here.

Public Health England (the Government service that deals with public health matters) provides specific advice, including the current situation in the UK on this issue. Their advice is updated at 2.00pm each day and can be consulted at

The Office for Students also has a set of web pages giving advice to students, parents and higher education providers together with a help line for them to phone.

Informing the Educational Institution

The University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett University offer bespoke advice on their website to their students and students should read and follow these:

University of Leeds

Leeds Beckett University

University of Nottingham

Implications and Advice for Tenants

Self-isolation means students taking simple, common-sense steps to avoid close contact with other people as much as possible, like they would with other flu viruses. This means remaining at home for 14 days and not going to work, college or public areas. Where possible, avoid having visitors to their home, but it is ok for friends, family or delivery drivers to drop off food.

There are issues for students “self-isolating” for 14 days if they are living in shared student accommodation with other students. It is difficult to avoid contact with others if students are sharing WC/washing and/or kitchen facilities. Difficulties are likely to increase in non en-suite shared accommodation of where a kitchen is shared by a larger number of students.

If tenants are “self-isolating” and Unipol knows about this we will always inform other students in the shared accommodation. Students affected will be offered help and advice to understand the risks involved and how they can help in the process. In some cases they may also need to be involved in any temporary relocation issues.

Other Matters

The wider implications of the Coronavirus outbreak has resulted in serious travel disruption being experienced by some students who had planned to travel as part of their studies or return home and they will now find that more difficult and in some cases this will not be possible. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office maintains up-to-date travel advice which should be consulted here

In certain circumstances this advice can affect the validity of travel insurance and students intending to travel in areas where advice is given should check their insurance with their provider.

If you have any questions then contact Unipol.

Take care and stay healthy.