The Urban Garden Arts Project



Leave your mark on the Leeds landscape.

Unipol is working alongside local organisations to bring a wave of colour and nature into the Blenheim area which sits between the University of Leeds and Leeds Arts University.

After cleaning up the area by removing existing graffiti, keeping litter under control, and fixing new plant boxes to the gable ends of the walls along the A660, we want to finish off the project by getting the local community involved and to provide a platform to showcase the artistic talents of the people of Leeds.

This competition, in partnership with Leeds City Council, provides Leeds artists with the chance to display their work in the local community. Entrants of the competition are encouraged to work to themes of:

  • The natural world
  • Flora and fauna
  • Re-naturing urban spaces
  • Forgotten relations between man and nature.

The canvas height is 1.2 metres and width is 4.0 metres.

A shortlist will be chosen and then the public will be able to vote for the overall winners. The designers with the most votes will win one of four planned spaces on which to paint their work, or for it to be painted by a professional graffiti artist.



See the location here: 


Or get in touch if you’d like to arrange to take a look at the spaces in person.

Although no monetary payment will be made to the winning artists, paints and tools required to complete the artwork will be supplied.


Rules of entry can be found below:

1. Artwork concepts should be submitted before Wednesday 1st May 2019 at 5pm.

2. If chosen, the art should be in place by 30th June 2019.

3. The winner may be asked to take part in publicity events and their name and image will be used for promotional purposes. By entering you are giving permission for this to happen.

5. Anyone over the age of 16 is eligible to enter the competition as long as they study in Leeds or have a Leeds postcode.

6. Entries should be submitted via this form, or attached to an email and sent to

Along with the attachment, please provide: your name, address, email address, contact number, and whether you require an artist or whether you will be painting the space yourself.

You must also state that you agree to the rules of entry.


Good luck! We look forward to seeing your work!