Unipol Family Tenant Feedback 2016


Doing Well but Trying to do Better

Unipol commissions an annual independent Tenant Satisfaction Survey to gauge what our tenants really think of our accommodation. This is a really important piece of work that spans across all of our stock, telling us what we are doing well and what we need to do better. In 2016, for the first time, we commissioned a specialist family accommodation survey to give us specific information about our family housing services.

55% of Unipol’s families responded to the survey. 77% were international postgraduate research students and 85% studied at the University of Leeds. In the main these were mature students who had spouses or partners and children living with them. Most students expected to live in their current accommodation for a further two years.

In the survey satisfaction is measured either as a percentage or on a scale of 1 to 8 with 1 as worst and 8 as best



Summary Main Finding

Overall satisfaction ratings within Unipol family housing were high with 87% of our tenants rating our service as good.


Detailed Results

The survey looked at a number of areas of performance and service:

The Moving in Process - there was extensive satisfaction with the moving in process with houses and flats being cleaned and ready for occupation.

Services from Staff - the service offered by Unipol’s Housing Management Officers (HMOs). Tenants viewed the HMO’S positively seeing them as approachable and understanding to their needs.

Amenities and Facilities - Overall satisfaction of amenities and facilities was positive. The lowest ratings of satisfaction came from those tenants residing in Argie Avenue where 24 flats are in their final year with a remainder due to be refurbished in summer 2018.

Social Interaction - Family inclusion and involvement was regarded as important and the social events provided jointly by Unipol, the University of Leeds and Leeds University Union were rated well for enjoyment and the encouragement of social inclusion. The overall satisfaction of the events was 6.65 (81%).

Relations with Neighbours - fared well and it was clear that respondents and their children were made to feel part of a community and that neighbours respected each other’s needs.

Security - respondents were largely satisfied with security of their accommodation and results were high. Some of the points raised relate directly to tenant responsibilities and the supervision of children, for example: communal doors being left open and poor waste disposal. As such it is important their obligations are re-emphasised and some policing action is taken by tracking down repeat offenders.

Transport - 29% of tenants had a car and 23% of tenants had a bicycle. Several tenants mentioned that Argie Avenue and Shay Street lacked bicycle storage.



So What Have we Learned?

Whilst there was a desire for newer sofas and curtains, when tenants were asked whether they would prefer a higher rent to pay for more frequent renewals the result was a resounding no. Most families are on a tight budget and maintaining affordable rent levels was essential for many. Tenants understood that there was a compromise to be made between keeping older fittings and keeping rents low.

Unipol will need to work hard to maintain these high satisfaction ratings in future.

Social events and social inclusion were well received and enjoyed by tenants - Unipol will continue to devise a regular social events programme and seek to improve the number of events in 2017-2018.

Improvements that are Being Considered (funding permitting) 

  • More CCTV at Woodsley Terrace, particularly monitoring the bin areas
  • The provision of bike bins or bike store at Argie Avenue and Shay Street
  • Better or replacement sofas and cookers, particularly at Argie Avenue
  • The possible installation of external play equipment at Shay Street (if collaborative funding can be obtained from the University of Leeds)
  • Overall satisfaction levels are high this is underpinned with many comments of thanks to Unipol for their support and effort in providing decent accommodation.







Sample Comments of Thanks from Tenants

Argie Avenue

  • I am really happy to continue my stay with Unipol because of the services and the affordable costs.
  • I would like to give a big thank you to HMO for being helpful all of the time.
  • Many thanks to Unipol, for all their support and help over the years.Thank you so much

Cardigan Road Flats

  • I am really happy to stay at Cardigan Road Flats the facilities are excellent, the outside area is brilliant for me and my kids to spend time together and the security is good.
  • I am very satisfied and happy to live under Unipol housing.

Family House

  • Great house, perfect for a student with parental responsibilities.
  • Services are good and the staffs are cooperative
  • Thank you for your services Unipol

Grayson Heights

  • The best accommodation I have ever lived in throughout my PHD in Leeds.
  • Unipol is a fantastic landlord.

Shay Street

  • I think everything in Shay Street is going well.
  • So far I am satisfied with this accommodation. Thank you 
  • I am happy with Unipol Accommodation. Thank you for being supportive for the students with families.

Woodsley Terrace

  • Many thanks to the HMO who managers this property he’s always helpful, reliable and responsive.
  • The HMO for this property is a really good manager and has sorted my repairs really quickly.

Changes are coming, thanks to this survey, with this information we are able to pick up on our tenant’s issues and help solve them.

A big THANKYOU to all of our tenants who give us their views, we REALLY APPRECIATE your input. This enables us to focus our resources more precisely on where we need to improve.

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