The Star Rating System

Star rating

In order to help students differentiate between Unipol Code properties, we have developed a Star Rating System. This means that Code properties (with the exception of rooms in an owner's house) will be awarded a rating of one, three or five stars, depending on amenity levels within the property.

Unipol has devised a formula that will automatically attribute a particular star rating to an eligible Unipol Code property, based on information supplied by owners. The higher the number of stars, the better the property is likely to be.

Starred properties are advertised on the Unipol website with the number of stars awarded clearly shown.

If one or more of the amenities indicated within the advert are not present within the property at the time the tenants take possession, they should bring this to the attention of the owner immediately. The existing Unipol Code complaints procedure will also apply.

How the stars are calculated

The Star Rating System awards a given number of points for certain amenities. Because the main intention for introducing the rating system was to encourage owners to enhance amenity levels within their property as a whole, the categories that points are awarded for are diverse. However, emphasis has been placed upon energy efficiency, the provision of living space and meeting enhanced requirements of the Code in advance of the given deadlines.

The ratings are calculated according to the total number of points that a property is awarded, based on the information supplied in the advert.

1 star is awarded for 12 points
3 stars are awarded for 18 points
5 stars are awarded for 24 points

Amenities that points are awarded for include:

  • a burglar alarm and/or upper floor flat (2 points)
  • dedicated secure cycle storage (would not include bedrooms, kitchen or living rooms) (2 points)
  • dedicated living space of at least 10m2 (2 points), with additional points if it is 14m2 or more (3 points)
  • bath/shower ratios of 1:3 (1 point) , with additional points where it is better than this (up to 3 points)
  • a washing machine fitted (1 point), and an extra point for a dryer or washer/dryer
  • Dishwasher (1 point)
  • double beds in at least 75% of bedrooms (1 point)
  • double beds in all rooms (2 points)
  • provision of contents insurance for tenants (1 point)
  • double or secondary glazing fitted throughout (2 points)
  • the presence of a combination (1 point) or a condenser boiler (2 points)
  • a broadband connection point in the property (1 point)
  • a maintained garden/yard area of at least 10m2 (2 points)
  • a landlord who has acquired 'golden owner' status, which means they have been a member of the Code for four consecutive years without a complaint being upheld against them (3 points)
  • providing a smart TV (1 point)