Accommodation for Families in Leeds

This advice may be useful for families studying at Leeds Beckett University, Leeds Trinity University, the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, the Leeds Conservatoire or the University of Bradford.

Families are advised to look at accommodation in the Leeds private sector due to demand. Please click here to view our advice on finding accommodation in the private sector.

Dedicated Family Housing

There is small amount of dedicated family accommodation offered specifically for students in Leeds - whilst some is reserved for students studying at the University of Leeds there are a small number of family properties available for all students coming to Leeds (subject to availability). This accommodation is very popular and often over-subscribed. If you are interested in applying for this accommodation please visit Unipol Housing for families to register your interest and join our Family Mailing List. 

These properties are offered directly to student families and couples by Unipol:

  • Family Houses (Off Street Properties) - 24 off street family properties located in LS4, LS6, LS7, LS8 and LS11. Family houses range from 2 bedroom - 4 bedroom properties.
  • Eden Mount and Argie Avenue (Phase II) - 16 properties in Eden Mount and Argie Avenue (Phase II) which is located in Kirkstall, LS4. These flats are large 3 bedroom properties.
  • Tannery Square - 4 cottages at Tannery Square that are suitable for families and couples. Tannery Square is located in Meanwood, LS6. These cottages have 2 bedrooms.

However due to high demand you should also start looking in the private rented sector. When hunting for family housing in the private rented sector, look out for landlords who are members of the Leeds Rental Standard.

Please click here to view our advice on finding accommodation in the private sector.