About the Codes

Unipol runs a number of Codes. These are accreditation schemes which:

  • set professional standards for student accommodation buildings and their management. Code members voluntarily commit to meeting these standards
  • check compliance with those standards
  • give students assurance and confidence about the quality of what they are signing up for when they opt for a Code property
  • give students a robust complaints process if things go wrong.

All the Codes have been developed in partnership with their local universities and students’ unions.

The Different Codes
How the Codes operate
The Code Team
Code Complaints and the Tribunal

The Different Codes

National Code for large developments 

This scheme is for large student housing developments (over 15 students in one building) that covers the whole UK. There is a separate website for this scheme here

The Unipol Code (for shared student houses)

This scheme is for shared student housing in regular properties in certain locations:

The Unipol Code for 100% accredited managing agents

This scheme is for managing agents whose managed properties are all accredited in Leeds and Nottingham. Please be aware, it does not cover 'let-only' properties. You can check who is a member here.

The Unipol Code Supporter scheme

This scheme is for managing agents that are working towards accreditation but where all of their properties are not yet at Code standard. Supporter members sign a bilateral arrangement with Unipol, reviewed quarterly, that means that an increasing number of their properties meet the standards over an agreed period of time. You can check who is a member here

Owner Occupiers

This scheme is for landlords who offer rooms in their own home. View the Owner Occupier Code here.

Homestay scheme

Unipol runs special schemes in Leeds and Bradford for covering landlords offering accommodation and meals in their own homes. View the Codes here: 

How the Codes Operate


The checking of properties (or ‘verification’) consists of a number of pro-active inspections on landlords’ properties, within the three year span of each of the Codes.

Checks are also made following the return of questionnaires sent out to tenants at addresses where responses would indicate an issue.

Checks are also made, if necessary, following complaints from students.

The Unipol inspection policy can be viewed online here

Inspection Reports and the Audit Panels

Each time a property is inspected a Report is written. Inspections are carried out by specialised consultants or by trained Unipol staff. The Report goes for consideration to an Audit Panel. The Audit Panels meet not less than three times a year and oversee the verification process.

Each Audit Panel is independently chaired and the Chair has the power to immediately suspend members from the Code (a process which can be reviewed by the Tribunal). The membership of the Audit Panels can be found here: Leeds and Bradford, Nottingham

Details of how the ANUK/Unipol National Code is administered can be found here.

The Code Team

Matt Allison- Unipol Codes Administrator

Matt Allison

Matt administers the Unipol Codes for shared student housing, Supporters and managing agents. Matt arranges inspections of properties to ensure they meet Code standards. He administers the Audit Panels.


0113 205 3417

Simon Kemp - National Codes Administrator

Simon Kemp

Simon administers the two National Codes that set benchmark standards for the management of student halls of residence. The National Codes have a dedicated website which can be accessed here.


0113 205 3406

Jess Carrier – National Codes Co-ordinator

Jess Carrier

Jess supports the administration of the National Codes and undertakes various project work.


0113 205 3475

Victoria Peckitt -  Code Complaints Investigator 

Vic handles all Code complaints for all the different schemes that Unipol operates. She also runs the Tribunal.

If you have a complaint please complete the complaints form and Vic will respond.


0113 205 3417

Jo MacNaughton - Accommodation Services Officer (Bradford)

Jo MacNaughton

Jo is responsible for administering the Unipol Code in Bradford, managing the verification process and inspecting properties to ensure they meet Code standards.


01274 235 899

Codes Complaints and Tribunal

Each Code contains an independent complaints process. If you are experiencing issues with your landlord you can find more information about this here.

If Unipol is not able to resolve an issue through the complaints process, it may be referred to the Tribunal.

This is an independent body that will consider the evidence presented by both parties and decide whether any standards of the Code have been breached. Where a landlord is found to have breached Code standards, possible outcomes range from recommendations of a change in management practices to suspension from the Code.

Details of membership of the Tribunal as well as upcoming Tribunal dates can be found here. All outcomes of all upheld Tribunal decisions are published here.