Damp and Mould



Damp and mould concerns form the highest number of complaints received by Unipol with regards to housing issues. This pattern is seen year after year and has a huge impact on students and their enjoyment of their student house.

Mould growth can be a sign of a serious structural problem which can cost a lot of money to fix however, mould growth is usually due to internal condensation - with mould often mistaken for damp by students. Whatever the case, it’s not pleasant and so this article briefly explains how mould growth can be dealt with.

There are four main factors that cause condensation: too much moisture being produced at home, not enough ventilation, cold surfaces and the temperature of your home. All of these factors need to be addressed to cure a condensation and mould problem.

There are some steps to take to eradicate mould growth. These include: wiping down walls and window frames with a fungicidal wash, dry-clean mildewed clothes and shampoo carpets. After treatment, redecorate using a good quality fungicidal paint or when wallpapering use a fungicidal paste. These can both help in preventing future mould growth.

For landlords, it may be worth checking the loft and wall insulation as these are the most effective forms of insulation. It is also worth checking the heating system in the run up to winter as it needs to be sufficient in supplying enough heat to combat condensation. 


Tips for tenants:

  • Always cook with pan lids on, and turn the heat down once the water has boiled
  •  When filling your bath, run the cold water first then add the hot - it will reduce the steam by 90% which leads to condensation

  • Hang your washing outside to dry if possible, or in the bathroom with the door closed and the window cracked open

  • Keep kitchen and bathroom doors closed to prevent moisture escaping into the rest of the house

  • Open to the first notch of a window downstairs and upstairs and open all interior doors - this will allow drier air to circulate and needs to be done for about 30 minutes each day

  • Keep the temperature level of your house equal (do not heat one room and leave another as this will exaggerate the condensation problem) and try to leave the heating on low throughout the day in the colder months

Still unsure?  Click here to watch a quick clip that shows how damp and mould can be caused.