Dealing with Conflict: An Introduction to Mediation Skills

Increasingly landlords are finding themselves in situations where they are called upon to help resolve inter-tenant disputes.  Our client group is often made up of inexperienced renters who may need extra support from time to time to make their renting experience successful.  Recognising the causes and understanding the potential costs in unresolved conflict has never been more important. 

Unipol has made available information on how to effectively use mediation in resolving conflict for our current members.  This can be accessed through your Landlord Dashboard. Just select Market Information and Products

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Areas covered:

  • Identifying conflict in student housing
  • Potential costs of conflict
  • What to do once you've identified conflict
  • Coping with challenging behaviour

How mediation can help through:

  • Active listening
  • Empathy
  • Reflection
  • Using neutral langauge effectively
  • Building rapport

Unipol will be running a course in mediation skills in the future.