How can Unipol help landlords - Nottingham

Offering a unique set of services

Unipol is a unique organisation in a unique position within the Nottingham student letting market. Unipol continues to develop its relationships with the universities, their students' unions and a number of colleges around Nottingham. As part of this co-operation, students looking for accommodation are recommended to use Unipol due to our accreditation scheme  - The Unipol Code. 

Keeping track of the changing student rental market

As landlords we all know that the student rental market is continually changing.  We are now operating in a surplus market, where it is increasingly challenging to let properties. Flexibility and effective marketing are central to a successful let and Unipol is committed to assisting landlords and managing agents in achieving this. We will always keep you updated with the latest statistical analysis.

Briefings and training for members and stakeholders

To help keep you up-to-date with the latest information we hold twice-yearly market briefings for our accredited landlords and carry out potentially policy-changing research. This enables our landlords to adapt their business models and ensure the products they are offering are what students want. 

We offer periodic training including sessions on understanding any new legislation, how to be a better landlord and dealing with deposit disputes.

Research in Nottingham

As part of our rolling programme to keep our landlords well informed on changing patterns, Unipol recently published a major piece of research that has mapped the changing trends in student accommodation in Nottingham. This is a valuable resource for landlords today and for their future business models, but, more widely, it provides an important basis for planning and development in the educational institutions and local authorities.

Providing the best access to over 35,000 students every year

Unipol works with all institutions to make sure that students are equipped with the necessary skills to choose their properties wisely.

Every student in university halls has access to house hunting information produced by Unipol and delivered by their institution. This helps students make the right accommodation choice for them and their group for the following letting year.

  • the Unipol website is used by most students - last year there were more than 128,000 property searches undertaken

Advertise with Unipol

  • Users undertook over 440,000 adverts views and we had over 42,000 unique visitors
  • The site carries details of over 8,000 bed spaces each year to help students who choose to live in the private sector
  • Last year over 93% of properties displayed between January and the end of September were let.

To find out more about the service and how to join please see who's who at Unipol