Drug and Alcohol Use

Most parents worry at some point about peer pressure, the influences surrounding their children and the availability and access to drugs and alcohol. Some students arrive very ‘streetwise’, while others come with no experience of the effect that drugs and alcohol can have on people's lives. It is likely that your child will come across others who wish to experiment with substances. This is not just typical of students; it  is common to a lot of young people from this age group in general. As a parent, it is usual to want to protect your child and steer them away from influences that can harm them. However, the reality is that you are unlikely to be able to control the other people around them.

It can be helpful to have a conversation with your child about these issues in advance of them moving out and to discuss the issue of personal safety in general. Alcohol and drug use will affect behaviour and can lead to some young people getting into difficulty in many areas of their lives. Alcohol consumption will not be tolerated as an excuse for poor or inconsiderate behaviour and recreational drugs are of course illegal. Drug use is a criminal matter and should therefore be investigated by the police.

Please be aware that your child’s landlord is not the police. They are unable to investigate drug allegations, confiscate suspicious substances or ask a tenant to leave without following the correct procedures through the courts.

If your child is sensible, has some awareness about the issues facing young people and has a good network of friends, they are more than likely to sail through their student life hassle-free.