Student Exemption Certificates for Council Tax

Council Tax Student Discount

One of the main enquiries Leeds City Council receives from students in the months of July-October is requests for proof of an exemption when the landlord/letting agent has informed the student they need to see this in order to release their bond. Landlords/Letting agents cannot be held liable for a period you are resident and receiving an exemption from Council Tax.

How to apply?

Please complete the online council tax student discount form. The information that is provided on this form can also be used to inform us when you moved into a property in Leeds - if you are living outside of Leeds this form can still be used as long as you are studying in Leeds.

Online Council Tax Student Discount Form

Council's benefits for using online forms

  • The online council tax student discount form has a quicker verification process and only takes approx. 5 mins to complete.  You can also submit information about other people living in the property at the same time.
  • The web page confirms what information you need before accessing the form
  • The online criteria for qualifying for a student exemption is clear and using the online form reduces the risk of spelling mistakes or information being misheard.
  • It is cheaper than phoning in and you can complete at a time that is convenient to you 24/7.
  • By using the online forms for exemptions and change of address system there is a reference of you submitting the information which is backdated to the date of your course/moving in - out.


How to inform the Council you are moving out of a property

Please complete the online change of address form

Online Change of Address Form

Can my landlord withhold my deposit for outstanding Council Tax?

No, liability for Council Tax is with you the tenant not the landlord.  Where you and your landlord have informed the Council that you are residing in the property as a Tenant and you are a student you should be exempt from Council Tax.  Each Tenant in the property is jointly and severally responsible for the Council Tax liability.  Landlords/letting agents cannot be held liable for a period you are resident and in receipt of an exemption from Council Tax.